Where to invest money

Where to invest money to create passive capital. More and more people are coming to the conclusion that money is a must
work, not store under the mattress.

It is for them that the question is extremely important – where to invest so as not to run into fraudsters and get a reliable passive income. Consider the most promising opportunities for investing in Ukraine.

Step one: create an airbag
Just before you invest, you should, just in case, create an airbag, and only then start investing. Deferred “in reserve” funds should be enough for about six months. If you can handle it
step by step we pass to the following stages:

determine the amount you can invest without damaging the family budget;
we set financial goals for the next three years;
looking for promising markets – studying financial reviews, interested in news in this area;
it is better to invest in several projects in different directions, it minimizes the possibility of financial losses;
carefully consider all the pros and cons, because not everything that is good for others will suit you.
An additional source of income does not suddenly appear to create the necessary start-up capital and time.

Areas of investment in Ukraine in 2021.
We propose to consider the most promising areas for investment.

Bank deposits
Putting money in the bank at interest is the safest option. You can deposit any amount. UAH 100 is enough for PrivatBank. The only thing to consider is to choose proven banks. Refuse offers with suspiciously high interest rates.

Game at the exchange rate.
Earnings on the sale and purchase of currency – one of the most popular areas. It is quite profitable. Invest not only in dollars, but also in euros, pounds sterling, Chinese yen. Keep track of all economic events that may affect the exchange rate. This way you will provide yourself with a stable additional income.

Real estate
There are several options:

buy land or real estate for rent;
to buy housing under construction for resale.
If you choose the second option, find as much information about the developer as possible. And it is better to buy country houses in resort zones, during a summer season you will earn the considerable sum which will suffice to live safely all year round.

Mutual funds.
Investors of such funds receive a share of total profits. Deposits start from UAH 1,000. The capital is managed by professional brokers. However, it is in this area that fraudsters often work. Therefore, do not put all the funds in the mutual fund, and carefully study everything possible about the fund to which you are going to entrust your savings.

Choose a reliable broker with an active license. It is he who will help with the purchase of securities. If the value of securities increases, you get income. But when stocks fall, you start losing money.
If you have chosen this option of earning income, do not waste time analyzing information about the companies whose shares you are going to buy.

We have introduced you to the most common and affordable investment options. We hope you use our tips correctly to ensure a reliable and permanent source of income.