The best business ideas for starting a business in 2021

Topical business ideas of 2021 during quarantine and coronavirus. How to open a business in 2021 in Ukraine and what business idea with minimal investment will take off this year?

Starting your own business and successfully implementing your business idea in Ukraine during a pandemic is not an easy task at all. However, in business, success comes only to proactive entrepreneurs who take risks at any time and do not shift their failures to the complexity of legislation, high taxes, the coronavirus pandemic or limited start-up capital. As a rule, the key to the success of the implementation of many business ideas was: innovation, quality service, continuous improvement of your product and competent marketing.

The situation in many markets today is changing significantly, many traditional and once profitable businesses in Ukraine are burrowing today, and this is an excellent opportunity to launch new and non-standard business ideas.

Rating of TOP-6 business ideas for starting a business in 2021 in Ukraine
Any business starts with a business idea. Take the time to find a business idea that will inspire you to create and self-actualize.

Business idea number 1. Call center for lead generation

The essence of this business boils down to the fact that you need to organize a team of sales managers who can work remotely, sitting in quarantine at home.

Find people or start this business yourself, we are ready to pay 1000 UAH. for each client you bring us to develop a turnkey online store.

Business idea number 2. Service for posting comments on the Internet

By performing a simple task, the essence of which is to add your comments, questions, or likes to articles / posts / pages on the Internet, you can get money sitting on the couch at home.

Business idea number 3. Making eco-friendly wooden toys at home

In our time, home craft, the manufacture of various products at home is still considered relevant. If you are a person who is not deprived of talent and love to create small and large masterpieces with your hands, then you can think about creating a toy business using wood as the main material. As a rule, investment in such a business will not be much due to the affordable price of the tree. You may only have to spend money on tools for treating the wood surface. Such toys can be made to order or sold in a small and diverse quantity, and sold on trading platforms or set up a trading page on a social network, for example, on Instagram.

Business idea number 4. Street food in the form of a van (food truck) / Street Food

In other words, “street food” or a customer service point that provides prepared food. This idea was born a long time ago, but in the CIS countries it is not yet too developed. It cannot be said that Street Foods cannot be found on the streets in Ukraine, but there are still a small number of them, which means that the competition is not high. For implementation, you will need a van with equipment for cooking. Of the staff, one or two cooks are almost always enough, no more. To serve ready meals, it is very beneficial to use such containers so that the buyer can start eating the dish as quickly as possible.

Business idea number 5. IT camp (children’s camp with a focus on IT education)

The idea of ​​creating computer camps was born quite recently and has already won great recognition. It should be noted right away that this is not a standard camp, such as we are used to imagining it. This option is more like training courses. The organization of the business is very simple: several specialists in the field of programming or modeling are hired, and you will also need a room (or several) equipped with computer equipment, not necessarily expensive. Advertising is spreading around the city that a children’s IT camp is opening for the summer. A child in the camp learns the basic basics in programming, works with image processing, learns 3D modeling.

Business idea number 6. Rent of wedding and evening dresses

Agree, everyone can afford to buy an expensive wedding or evening dress for any event. Considering the current prices for high-quality and beautiful clothes, many are thinking about just renting the right thing for the evening and saving a large amount of money. That is why the creation of such a service is a very profitable option, since there is a great demand. To implement the idea, it is not necessary to buy up all the expensive dresses in the city. Start with used items, buy them online and carry out a restoration. Also, you will definitely need a room and some equipment to put things in order. With further development and making a good profit, it will be possible to think about buying branded dresses.

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