Idea №9-10. Business on social networks

To organize a business in any social network, you will need a trading account. First of all, you need to decide on a niche, evaluate competitors, make a business plan for the development, promotion and promotion of the account. First, keep in mind that each social network has its own strict requirements and rules, for violation of which the pages are blocked (sometimes forever). Therefore, before creating a trading account, read all the rules. If you want to start a business selling anything, Instagram is perfect for you. For development you will need a live audience, so do not do without advertising. Fortunately, each social network has the opportunity to advertise your account for a fee. To get around competitors, try to attract customers with constant raffles, contests, promotions, nice bonuses and discounts. Constantly update the range and monitor the market.

Idea №10. Business on refurbished iPhones
“Apple mania” infects more and more people every day. It came from an event the phone dreams of getting every second and it is a great opportunity to run a business on refurbished models. For those who do not know the essence of the use of the word “restored” – this means that the phone has already been used by someone, but was returned to Apple for some reason. According to statistics collected by sites that place private ads (Avito, OLX, etc.), the iPhone is bought most often. To start doing this activity, you will need to wholesale the refurbished models. Try to think of a sales strategy right away. Keep in mind that the competition in this area is very fierce. Be sure to use social. networks for business promotion and advertising.

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