Idea №1. Digital outsourcing as an innovative business idea

This is a new but extremely promising area of ​​Internet work. In essence, it involves performing various tasks related to the development, content and promotion of the site, as well as advertising companies and products online. To begin with, it is better to carefully study one area, for example: graphic design, SEO-strategy, contextual advertising, copywriting, etc.

Don’t expect customers to come to you themselves. It is better to actively monitor existing sites and offer administrators promotion, better design or quality texts (in short, what you already know well). Not only that, later you will need to hire additional assistants.

Idea №23. Making unusual bouquets: beautiful and profitable
Hoping to find interesting gifts for the anniversary, on the occasion of career growth, birthdays or other holidays, more and more often Ukrainians stop to buy original bouquets. They can be created from any food, fruit and sweets.

Every girl or woman will definitely want to receive a charming bouquet of chocolates or fresh grapes, juicy orange. The best gift for all occasions for men will be sets with alcoholic (mini-bottles or bottles of cognac, vodka, whiskey, etc.) or low-alcohol (beer) drinks, in addition, along with appetizing raw sausages, elite cheeses or seafood.

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