How much profit does a coffee vending machine bring?

The coffee machine is the most popular direction of vending trade. At relatively low costs, it is able to provide the owner with a stable income of 10-30 thousand rubles. per month. You can recoup the cost of the equipment in 6-12 months, the full investment – in 1-1.5 years. The disadvantages of this type of business are seasonality and the risk of damage from vandalism. The optimal taxation system for vending trade is UTII, but it is canceled a year later. Therefore, many people choose STS “income” or a patent.
If in the West the population has long been in the habit of purchasing various small goods from vending machines, then in the Russian Federation vending is mainly limited to the sale of snacks and coffee. Despite the fact that coffee machines occupy the main share (about 65%) of the Russian vending market, they still do not cover the entire volume of demand.

The essence of the business
In Russia, most of the year, the temperature outside contributes to the desire to keep warm. Therefore, a coffee vending machine makes a good profit and can pay off in just a year. He makes the drink himself, accepts payment and gives the change.

Depending on the model of equipment, they can prepare grain or instant coffee (“Espresso”, “Americano”, “Cappuccino”, “Latte”), hot chocolate, cold milkshake with various flavors, tea and other types of drinks.

The advantages of using coffee machines for trading are:

minimum start-up capital (equipment can also be rented);
high profitability (300-500%);
low rental costs (the equipment is very compact);
you do not need to maintain a large staff of employees;
no problems with most regulatory authorities;
ease of maintenance;
can be combined with other business options;
round-the-clock work schedule;
minimum advertising costs.

But there are some nuances that should also be taken into account by a novice businessman:

seasonal fluctuations in demand;
much depends on the “passability” of the point;
it is necessary to establish a process of timely maintenance and repair of devices;
ensure regular purchase of ingredients and timely filling of vending machines;
the risk of vandalism (for outdoor equipment);
high competition with coffee to go options, coffee shops, office coffee machines;
technological risk (equipment breakdown will entail high costs);
high cost of delivery of ingredients to the regions of Russia.
Also, a significant drawback of this direction is the problem with card payments. If in small towns the population continues to pay mainly in cash, then in megalopolises many people prefer to pay for purchases by card. And although this service has been available for vending since 2010, unfortunately, not all machines are technically possible to connect to acquiring. And this leads to the loss of a significant share of potential customers. The same models that have such a function are significantly more expensive.

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