Current cheap business ideas in the field of services for the population

Prosto in an era of growing online commitment of citizens to home / office is rapidly growing effect of increasing reluctance of people to move around the city for services, especially for people without their cars. They want either cheap home delivery, or the availability of a cheap point of service within walking distance from the entrance; from the metro station, through which a person rides daily. Promising small business ideas based on such services.
Delivery of fresh bouquets in half an hour
For a startup, you will need to divide the city into sectors, each of which should have a kiosk selling flowers and a courier-driver or cyclist (you can also have a courier without transport). In the cheapest version, the seller of each kiosk is a courier-cyclist / driver or a courier-passenger of public transport – and when receiving a delivery order in his geographical area of ​​responsibility closes the kiosk and leaves with delivery. In a more expensive version, the seller and courier are hired separately. You should also have contacts of suppliers and greenhouses in each area – to sell the widest possible range.

Then it’s simple – a site is made, a multi-channel telephone line, ads are posted. The delivery price in this case may be very small (5 hryvnia) or even be distributed in the price of bouquets. It is good to offer customers brought two or three options of bouquets to choose from.

The main emphasis of marketing should be on delivery within 15-30, maximum 60-90 minutes – this is the main know-how in this case. And you can use it not only for flowers, but also for many other products. For example, has already pointed out that pet owners tend to forget to buy food for them or a hygienic filler for cat litter: this is found in the evening or early morning – and then for delivery within half an hour, citizens are willing to overpay.

Delivery in the evening, morning, night
In addition to delivery in half an hour, there is a high demand for pre-arranged delivery services for anything from 19 to 23 hours, from 6 to 10 hours, and finally from 23 hours to 6 hours. The startup must have a map of round-the-clock supermarkets of the selected product profile and a certain stock of the same products in its own warehouse (just in case and to speed up delivery).

After all, many workers would like to order goods from work – and so as to receive it udia at 10-11 o’clock in the evening – but supermarkets often can not deliver at this time. Or, say, a man wants to give his wife a dishwasher – and dreams that the gift will be delivered at 8 am on her birthday, not at lunch and not the day before. Of course, taking 20 or more hryvnias for delivery at such a special time will be a very appropriate request from you.

The main thing in this startup is not to save on mass advertising of their “evening” and “morning-early” services on the Internet and in the form of printing in the entrances of residential areas.

Online bookstore with delivery of 20 books to choose from
It is difficult to adequately evaluate good books in an online store – you need to flip through them, see illustrations (if the book is for children), read excerpts from them.

Therefore, high demand among fans of e-reading and those who need to make a good book gift, would have a service to deliver home or office, say, 20 books selected by the client on the site. In this case, the delivery price of, say, 20 hryvnia will not be so confusing to the buyer – he will pay not so much for the delivery of the purchase, as for the transfer of the entire store counter: that is, for the buyer it turns out a purchase fee and the best of several options.

You can also deliver more books for a higher fee. Finally, through the form on the site you can take from customers the obligation to buy at least 1 book from the delivered (legally, of course, it is not serious, but most buyers will not argue, but will agree to the obligation). Obviously, a startup needs a driver – preferably with a van; good connections with bookstores that serve the leading online bookstores in your city, as well as its own warehouse with several thousand books in high demand.

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