Business idea of ​​opening a mini-factory

For most people, the word “plant” gives rise to associations with giant factories, many of which were built during the Soviet Union.

As a rule, a large number of people worked there, and bulky equipment was used.

Currently, such factories are unprofitable, since they require large investments in the maintenance and modernization of equipment.

Business idea of ​​opening a mini-factory

Increasingly, they are being replaced by mini-factories, which can compete in many industries, and the opening of a mini-factory is a rather promising business idea for starting a business.

And most importantly, even a novice entrepreneur can create a mini-plant.

Benefits of mini-factories
Mini-factories have a number of advantages:

Mobility. The design of such a plant is very simple. It is easy to assemble. The plant can be located in a small area. If necessary, it can also be easily disassembled and moved to another location.
Profitability. Allows you to save on the purchase of equipment. Savings on wages thanks to a small staff.
High efficiency. The use of technologies and resources that are different from the traditional ones used in most enterprises.
Environmental friendliness. Very often, mini-factories use secondary raw materials or recycle industrial and household waste.
Exclusivity. The ability to produce exclusive goods, as opposed to mass-produced goods.
When creating a mini-plant, there is a high probability of receiving a subsidy from the state. Especially if the plans include the purchase of equipment that would be socially significant.

This also applies to those factories whose activities are aimed at recycling waste (for example, recycling plastics), which, in turn, improves the environment in the area.

Some entrepreneurs started their activities with the organization of a mini-factory in the garage.

The most common mini-factories

The most common are mini-factories in the following industries:

Building. The most common factories in this area are plants for the production of concrete, bricks, dry building mixtures. It is worth noting here that for development, each mini-factory should have its own website for the sale of its products, for example, as a website for ceramic and paving slabs, various building materials.
Food industry. This includes factories that process meat, milk and other food products, producing canned food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, baking bread and bakery products.
Production of secondary raw materials processing. For the production of containers.
Light industry. Enterprises specializing in the production of textiles. Also includes the production of cosmetics and perfumery.
This list contains the most popular and well-paid industries. And this is just a small part of what mini-factories can produce.

The main issue when setting up an enterprise is the purchase of equipment. If earlier it was purchased from Western manufacturers, who often supplied used equipment, then recently Chinese-made equipment has been preferred.

And there are explanations for this: with high quality, prices are quite reasonable. Ready-made sets of equipment can be purchased from Chinese manufacturers.

Business idea of ​​opening a mini-factory

List of the most popular mini-factories
The most popular is the brick making equipment set. Brick is made from clay, sawdust, Portland cement and water. If necessary, it is possible to apply a pigment to obtain a brick of a certain color.

Mini-plant engaged in milk processing and dairy production. The productivity of such a plant is very high – up to 20 thousand kg of products.

Mini-plant producing foam blocks. A very profitable option for those who are planning to develop in the future in the construction business. It is easy to place such a plant directly on the construction site, thereby saving on materials and controlling the process.

Waste recycling. When creating a waste processing plant, a license, as well as a permit from the fire and sanitary services, will be required. However, being socially significant, one can count on receiving subsidies for the development of small businesses.

Manufacture of toilet paper. The main raw material is recycled waste paper. The advantage of such production is also the fact that constant demand is ensured.

A large selection of sets of equipment for the mini-plant is offered in online stores. It is better to make a purchase with the help of an intermediary firm.

In terms of costs, it will come out a little more expensive, but it will save time on delivery.

Before buying a complex you like, you should study all the technical characteristics well, compare with similar equipment from other companies and study the market for the sale of the products that you plan to produce.

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