Business for women

Eco-packages are a very popular topic, but not every store has them, and cashiers offer to fold products into polyethylene counterparts. Eco-friendly bag is a great alternative to plastic bags and it is very easy to organize a business on their production. If you consider the idea for its implementation at home, then without the skills of weaving macrame here is nowhere. You will need a set of materials: soutache, braid, strong threads and leather for handles. The sale of the first batch of bags is necessary to assess demand. If it is high, you can hire additional staff and increase the number of manufactured products. A business account on Instagram or a Facebook profile are perfect for advertising a business. Also a good option would be to create a single page with the order form.

Implementation of alcohol jelly production at home
Quite a topical issue that has already conquered many people in America. In the CIS countries, this idea is not yet sufficiently developed, respectively, if you do it now, you will not have as fierce competition as in the West.

The idea itself is very simple and cooking does not take much time. Ingredients need a minimum amount, the main of which will be, of course, alcohol. It is not necessary to compare such dessert with cognac candies where the share of alcohol is insignificant. With the correct proportions, one serving of this jelly will be equal to one “shot”. Usually great for parties and corporate events.

Very simple idea, but too relevant. This option of earning will exist as long as possible, because the need to translate something will be constant. In this case, it is enough to start small, to provide translation services for texts, documents of various kinds. The first employment can be obtained on freelance exchanges, where there will be countless translation tasks. With experience, you can open an online office, hire a few people who know different languages ​​and organize competent management, while implementing large orders.

“Surprise boxing”
Great option for start-up entrepreneurs. The idea of ​​creating boxes of surprises appeared a long time ago, but remains relevant to this day, as the variations of this kind of products are enormous. Great for earning money at home, as it does not require an office or rented space. You will need a supplier (depending on the subject of the boxes) or you can make your own purchases online, possibly in bulk. It will also be good to have the imagination to invent something new every time, it is desirable that these were their options, not what you saw on the Internet. Later you can organize an online store.

Making candles in the house
If earlier candles were used as an element of lighting of rooms, today they are more often used as decorative elements, realization of various design decisions. In the general case, such candles are given a shape in the form of various objects and color or completely create figures of characters, etc. You can make candles from natural wax. You will also need molds and a wick (which can also be made yourself with minimal cost). Scented colored candles are in great demand.

Creating life-size suits
Growth suits are needed in many areas of activity, up to the distribution of postcards. Periodically on the streets you can meet a man dressed in a life-size costume of any character from a movie or cartoon, who distributes postcards about offers to eat deliciously or visit the store. However, not every company has such suits to dress their employees. To engage in such activities, it is necessary to have basic knowledge in sewing and creativity. You will also need sewing equipment.