22 best ideas for business in 2020

Looking for inspiration to start your own business? In this article you will find the best ideas for business in 2020. We have also created the TOP-20 business ideas relevant to 2021, read them if you are looking for ideas that can be implemented in a lockdown, quarantine and depressed economy. However, if you are a novice businessman, give preference to small projects that will be relevant all the time. Kovid will end, and simple business will continue to be relevant. When choosing your future business, rely on a few things:

projected industrial growth;
your capabilities;
potential profit;
the ability of the idea to be automated, or its transformation into passive income.
Pay attention to the ideas that need to be developed and be sure that the best time to start a mini-business is right now. So, without further ado …

22 best ideas for business in 2020

  1. Craft beer – a business project that can be implemented today
    Mini breweries and the beer industry remain incredibly popular around the world. Craft beer production is especially relevant. This industry is covered by small businesses that produce a small amount of beer supplied to local shops, bars and restaurants. In Ukraine, craft beer is only 1% of the total market, so we can safely say that the market is empty and it is worth entering in 2019, provided that pre-agree on sales outlets: recreation centers, clubs, pubs, restaurants and other places for rest. If you like this field of business, maybe you need to go to a new level with your own ideas? Businesses need $ 100,000 in investment if they buy equipment. However, it can be rented, as do most small brewers. The payback of the startup is up to 5 years. Read the detailed business plan of the craft brewery for 2019 on our website.
  2. Truck with food
    The food industry in the form of a food truck is growing rapidly. In 2018, the total revenue was over a billion dollars. We do not care about global sales, because such a business is not highly profitable. Food trucks will not be in high demand in big cities – this is a business for a small town. However, several such trucks can safely move from city to city, updating the consumer audience. The estimated profitability of the business is UAH 200,000 per year. Trucks are much cheaper to maintain than opening a restaurant, they do not require a lot of capital to run. On average, it takes up to 30 thousand dollars to start a business. Also, this business has fewer refusals when obtaining operating permits. The percentage of refusals to small entrepreneurs to open their own restaurants ranges from 60% to 90%, while entrepreneurs who dream of opening a truck with food – only 10%. This idea is in 21st place, because the food industry is characterized by high competition and unfavorable municipal rules in many cities.
  1. Translator and editor services
    International connections and communication have caused a wild boom. Over the next 15 years, the demand for interpreters and translators will increase by 46%. Therefore, the prospect of translation will be much greater than in all other professions. Read more here: Business plan for translator services. If you have new ideas for translation, or you are planning to build your business in this area, the first thing to do is to find a job for clients so that the work is in demand. But there is a risk, too, because information technology is evolving rapidly, perhaps one of the world’s giants (for example, Goggle, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk) in decades to hone the translation system and the need for translators will disappear completely.
  2. Virtual reality in tourism
    The era of virtual reality has already arrived. As expected, people purchased more than 12 million virtual reality headsets in 2016. But how to build a business related to virtual reality? Pay attention to global companies that have achieved great success in various fields using virtual reality as their main tool. Today this area is especially relevant for the sale of tourist products. Read more in the virtual reality business plan.
  3. Vending machines with healthy food
    If you write in the search engine “healthy food vending machines”, you will get a lot of ads on this topic, and this is really a very good sign. What is the reason for such demand? Corporations want their employees to eat healthy food. If you have a start-up capital of at least 30 thousand dollars, you can easily start your business. This industry has strong social and political support, so only its active development is planned. A significant advantage is almost entirely passive income. How to start a business on vending machines with healthy food – read here.
  4. School of software
    If you know how to use any specialized software, you can build a business by teaching people to use it. You can focus your activities either on individual lessons or on small group sessions. A good investment for you would be to create textbooks with your own methods, which would be used by students in the classroom. You can always enlist the support of other professionals and specialists to improve the development of your courses. Do not limit yourself geographically. Think about creating e-books, online courses, skype consultations, etc. Learn more about school software.
  5. Environmentally friendly life
    Building materials to reduce pollution and waste are gaining momentum. What is worth a well-implemented startup in Ukraine for the construction of thatched houses. Green life, offline life, freight containers, tiny houses – all this is gaining popularity. Environmentally friendly life has really gained explosive popularity in the last few years, as consumer interest in energy-saving systems is growing. Currently, stable demand for environmentally friendly construction materials is over $ 36.1 billion, which will grow by 10.6% annually by 2020. See business plan for ecological construction.
  6. New business ideas. Programs for children
    Currently, tens of millions of children use smartphones or tablets, and your money should work in this direction. In fact, 75% of children have access to a mobile device. You can be very successful in this business if you have enough creative inspiration or if you have the support and help of no less creative people. First of all, focus on programs that are designed to improve health and offer non-formal educational programs for adolescents. In this way, you will definitely attract the attention of parents, and this already opens up great opportunities for you to implement the idea for business in 2019.
  7. Small business – ideas for renting drones

Demand for drones is growing at a tremendous rate, as they are used in research and observation.
Now that the Federal Aviation Administration has completed the development of rules for the integration of drones into national airspace, the industry will take off rapidly. Renting drones is one of the options for considering a new business. Training and certification of drone flights is also a very powerful field for competition.

  1. Dating consultant
    No area of ​​life has been so marred by modern technology as live communication and real-time dating. The way of dating has changed, but the result of the meetings remained as disappointing as decades ago on the pages of Cosmo magazine. You have the opportunity to create information products, which in turn will be aimed at the female part of humanity, and will guarantee the success of dating and a happy relationship with the guy of your dreams. Or you can focus on a strong half of the world’s population, looking for the most likely information about ways to meet a long-awaited companion.
  2. Business offers for smartphone repair
    Super high demand in the market, but close to explosion. How do you consider the option of round-the-clock repairs? Or a delivery service within a few hours? It is becoming very popular, at least you can target the residents of your city or region. There are many national service centers, but no one prevents the establishment of private enterprises in this area. If you have knowledge in the field of repair and creative ideas for business, then this is a 100% way to success.
  3. Products that do not contain gluten
    Sales of gluten-free products have grown by 34% this year, as the customer base of people suffering from the most common genetic disease, celiac disease, grows every year. Restaurants and fast food restaurants, which present gluten-free dishes in their menu, are very popular. You can expand your business and develop online courses on a gluten-free diet, or write a cookbook with recipes that do not contain gluten.
  4. Caring for the elderly
    A significant percentage of Ukraine’s population is retired. Ninety percent of them want to continue living at home and give up nursing homes. It is these retirees who create a huge number of opportunities for companies designed to serve the elderly. You can choose any service: driver, home delivery, cleaning, pet care, gardening and yard work. The possibilities are endless, any physical care is in demand. A completely new service in this area is a beauty salon with home delivery for the elderly.
  5. Monthly subscription to the required services
    Think about what people need regularly, monthly. There are many areas for business development in this direction. Offer less expensive prices than other similar services, and you will quickly form a good customer base.
  6. Corner services for animals
    The field of services for pets is at the peak of its popularity. It is expected that by 2019 the market will reach a profit of 92 billion dollars worldwide. As for Ukraine, just look at the wild success of dogs in recent years. The idea for business in 2019 is banal: open training courses for dogs, cats, birds, create courses for animals and their owners. Choose any activity that would make life easier for pet owners.
  7. Video creation services
    By 2020, 90% of all Internet traffic will be videos. There are companies that want videos to be created for trainings, events, special occasions, etc. The video business is developing in seven-mile steps, so we advise absolutely everyone to learn the basics of video editing and try to implement their own business.
  8. Social network consultant
    As the Internet landscape expands, businesses and large corporations are looking for more specialized employees who can guarantee the development of Internet resources. If you have new ideas or knowledge in any social network, offer your services as a social media consultant. Every big company is looking for someone who can connect with their audience. Social networks help almost any business to increase sales. Working on facebook, instagram – would be a favorite pastime for young people who are already sitting in the networks for an hour a day, so why not implement these ideas for business in 2019.
  9. Staff rehabilitation services
    Companies have finally realized that it is very important to invest in the health of employees, especially in the field of mental health. This saves companies significant human resources, reduces the number of missed working days and restores lost productivity. In fact, 2018 has been a starting year for the industry, and now more than 70% of employers offer a certain rehabilitation program, which increased from 58% in 2018. Now companies are hiring outside companies to provide massage, yoga, healthy eating, coaching, meditation and more. Businesses hire outside firms to manage these programs. Companies spend an average of up to $ 900 per year per employee on health programs.
  1. Rent everything you need
    Rent is a miracle of the modern world. After all, you do not need to spend a fortune on things that you use very rarely. Your task is to own a product that will be in demand. Spend time and resources to create good advertising and accumulate a decent customer base (use any social network for this).
  2. Creating a potential customer base for local businesses
    Creating such a database for local businesses is done by creating optimized websites that generate leads for businesses. This site adjusts all of the following requirements:

projected growth;
local competition;
potential profits (this business can expand indefinitely … you can have 100 websites that generate potential customers for 100 different companies);
profitability of time (this business can be 100% automated, passive).
We have considered 22 ideas for business in 2020. However, how many of them are still unexplored and not even invented. Be inspired by financial independence and remember, either you build your own dream or you make someone else’s dream come true.

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