Idea №2-3. Photo editing: the opportunity to earn without investments

Knowing how to work with at least one photo editor, you can offer a photo processing service. Women and girls aged 14-35 are the main target audience in this business. Make lush hair or remove the effect of “red eyes”, or hide stains on clothes, skin imperfections – the main tasks that customers set for photo editors.

It is better to set fixed and low prices for your services. After filling your hand and learning to work with different clients, inquiries and programs, you can start to expand your business, for example, to offer the printing of photo books, the purchase of photo products, albums and more.

Idea №3. Helium balls
Try to imagine a festive event, especially for children, without helium balloons. Very difficult, right? And not for nothing, because this topic will always be relevant. Therefore, the organization of a service for inflating and delivery of such balls is a great option for business. Plus, you don’t need to rent a room. All you need is to buy in bulk a variety of balls, different sizes and shapes, as well as helium cylinders. It will be very convenient to promote the service via the Internet: you can create a page on a social network or order the development of an online store from NeoSeo. With a stable income, you can do and standard advertising options in the city.

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