Idea №15-16. Business of production and sale of aquariums

Aquariums have become an integral part of the interior not only in residential areas, but also in offices, shops, medical facilities, etc .. Demand for aquariums remains high even in times of economic crisis. Multimillion-dollar investments are not required to implement such a project. It is possible to make similar production by a frame method. In this case at first the case from steel gathers, then the bottom, back and forward walls are inserted into a design. The production of aquariums requires special equipment, including: mounting tables, mounting gun, glass cutting machine, knives, grinding tools, etc .. The market value of the product will depend on its functionality, appearance and volume. As a rule, the markup on such products is 40-50%.

Idea №16. Business making wedding bouquets with money
Probably many people know the saying that the best gift is money. Let some disagree with this opinion, but still the gift is so good for both the wedding and the anniversary. In order for buyers to have an idea of ​​the product you offer, you should take photos of samples of counterfeit notes. This type of earnings, most likely, can not be called very profitable, but it is perfect as a part-time job.

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