Idea №13-14.Business pottery and pottery

Before you dive headfirst into the business, ideally you need to become a potter, at least – to master the skills of pottery. Even if you plan to be just an organizer, you need to know the technology well and have a good idea of ​​the whole process of making clay products. Clay is found everywhere. In raw form, it is: white, gray, blue, green, black, brown, yellow, red. Experienced craftsmen often use red clay. Search for sales channels. Where you can take clay products: to various shops and souvenir shops, open your own shop at a pottery workshop, create a website and sell goods online.

Idea №14 Business training of dogs of different breeds and sizes.
Today, the issue of dog training is relevant for many owners, because everyone wants to have NOT a wild animal that obeys their own instincts, but a calm pet. Of course, those who are going to train dogs need special skills and knowledge on the subject. In addition, customers will be interested in whether the person they trust their pet has certificates confirming the possession of training skills. Therefore it is necessary to finish courses of trainers of dogs. How to find clients for dog training courses? This service is specific, so it does not need advertising. It is enough to report about it in the club of dog breeders and you can expect the first customers.

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