Idea №11-12. Production of eco-furniture from pallets

Given the number of variations in the furniture business, it is now difficult to surprise anyone with something new. However, the idea of ​​making furniture from pallets and pallets is considered a virtually unoccupied niche, which means that there will not be many competitors for a beginner with such activities. Processing wooden pallets is not an easy task, so to organize a business you will need a specialist in working with wood. You will also need a room to create a small production shop with a special tool for processing wooden surfaces. Thus, you can open a service for the manufacture of furniture from pallets to order, and to implement sales, start by promoting the company on the Internet, create a website or page on the social network.

Idea №12. Business weave baskets from vines
Now wickerwork is more perceived as creativity. In today’s world, wicker products are not very necessary in everyday life, but are valued as handmade. Anyone with patience, diligence and desire can learn to weave from a vine.

When you make a few baskets, think about sales channels. You can sell your products through ads placed in newspapers or on the Internet. Create your website and take advantage of online advertising. The first works can be realized through friends and relatives – it can be gifts. If the products are made of high quality, the sundress radio will work. When there are a lot of baskets, try to agree with stores on the sale of products. You can sell baskets at exhibitions or fairs.

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