Business for student

Agree, as a teenager or as a student or schoolboy at the moment, you have often thought about starting your business from scratch and without investment. So, there is such an option! Russian bath – a mandatory attribute in many summer cottages, cottages, camps, sanatoriums, etc. Even in the city how many of them – do not count. And if the places where you can steam are extremely necessary and important, then there is a demand for bath brooms. A bath broom is a “perishable product” and every time a visitor needs a new one. To make brooms you will need any of your premises, as the production process involves collecting branches with leaves and their subsequent drying. You should immediately contact all possible baths in your city and offer to buy bath brooms to know where they are needed and how much. To know some of the intricacies of making brooms, we recommend reading articles or watching videos on YouTube.

“I will go abroad to earn money to pick strawberries. After all, I need to raise capital for future business. ” Now such a phrase can be heard from many acquaintances, but not everyone has thought about the fact that it can be grown by staying at home and turn employment into a successful business. It is not premature to judge that agricultural projects are extremely time consuming and unprofitable. At the moment, doing business for growing crops is a simpler option than opening, for example, a stall. If you have a summer residence, consider that you are already a businessman and can start small. However, to get a good seasonal profit, you will need more space. A good option is to rent a room and arrange it as for growing strawberries, ie, installation of racks with space for boxes with soil for seedlings. It is also necessary to purchase fertilizers, seedlings and plant care equipment.

Dry closets: “money does not smell”
You can make money on anything today, it’s no secret. Even public dry closets fit well into the sphere of small business, because, as it turned out, you can make good money on them. If you are a start-up entrepreneur, and the budget does not yet represent an opportunity to start with something global, we recommend implementing this idea. Public toilets in places of constant concentration of people are in unprecedented demand. All you need – start with the purchase of several cabins and choose the right point for their placement (parks, promenades, squares or places where city events, holidays and concerts). No additional equipment is required. It will be necessary to hire a cashier and set the price for visiting the toilet. Then, as the business progresses, buy more quality modern booths and place them around the city.

Banner of furniture
If you are looking for a profitable and easy to manage business, then the option of organizing a service for upholstering furniture is perfect for you. Many people nowadays can not afford to buy new upholstered furniture, especially given the increased pricing policy. Therefore, the banner – a great way to update the home interior without much expense. And for entrepreneurs this is another opportunity to earn well. To organize such an agency, you will not need to rent or buy space for an office or shop. To implement the hauling service, the master goes home to the owner of the furniture and conducts all work directly on site. So, you need a team of 2-3 craftsmen (to begin with), the purchase of basic construction tools and a small amount of material spent. It is very profitable to promote this kind of business via the Internet (social networks, bulletin boards, etc.).